The Sixth Ruby Survey: 2015

Open from January 15-February 15th

Hampton's Ruby Survey was started in 2008 by Hampton Catlin. It's been held most years since 2008, except 2011 and 2013. The goal of this survey is to track changing trends in those who are either currently invovled in the Ruby community or have ever been part of it. The goal is NOT to get the best data about today, but to track changes. To achieve that, we want to ask the same questions in the same way every year. Therefore you might notice some questions sound dated... but that's part of the fun!

Also, some of the questions might be very technical, and some are very personal. We've done this on purpose, with the intent of knowing all aspects of this community that we all love.

This survey has been taken by:
1228 people in 2008
528 people in 2009
2593 people in 2010
305 people in 2012
1786 people in 2014
1953 people in 2015

Survey Closed for This Year